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Who We Are

Coach Rich, OCT

Owner & CEO

Coach Rich is a school teacher with the Peel District School Board. He has teaching experience from kindergarten to grade 5 and has his special education certification. Becoming an elementary school teacher was inevitable for Rich as he has spent the last 12 years teaching a variety of sports programs to children of all ages. His love for children and sports has lead him to open the Pickleheadz Summer Camp, which is active, engaging and above all fun. Rich makes sure each camper has an unforgettable experience each and every day!

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Coach Rob

Camp Co-ordinator and Facility Manager

Coach Rob is a business graduate and is responsible for programming and events at the Thorncrest Clubhouse. Rob has taught skating, hockey, soccer and golf programs, over for the past 8 years, however his passion is kickboxing. He is a certified personal trainer who trains and educates many people through fitness and kickboxing training. Rob also holds the titles of Eastern Ontario Fight League Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight Kickboxxing Champion! He is a lot of fun and usually leaves the campers laughing hysterically.

Coach Julie, OCT

General Manager and Camp Counselor

Coach Julie is a school teacher with the Peel District School Board and has teaching experience in grades 1 to 6. She teaches French and has her special education certification. Along with Julie's enthusiasm for sports, she brings a wide range of unique arts and crafts to the Pickleheadz team. Julie's teaching experience is truly evident each day with the campers!

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Coach deanna,OCT

Camp Counselor

Coach Deanna is a Kindergarten teacher working with the Upper Grand District School Board. Deanna has her Special Education Certification and has experience teaching kindergarten to grade 8. She has a passion for soccer and has been coaching for over 10 years. Deanna's hobbies include playing soccer, mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and hiking. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm is spread among everyone around her. Deanna is excited to spend her summers with all of the Pickleheadz and we are so fortunate to have her on our team!

Coach Veronica, OCT

Camp Counselor

Coach Veronica is an OCT certified teacher who loves sports and working with children. Some of Veronica's hobbies include hiking, running, and softball. It is her first summer at Pickleheadz and Veronica looks forward to making it an unforgettable experience for each and every Picklehead!

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Coach Haneen, OCT

Camp Counselor

Coach Haneen is an OCT working with the Peel District School Board who loves being outdoors! Some of her favourite hobbies include hiking, camping, swimming, and reading. Her joyful personality is sure to rub off on all those around her and she enjoys motivating others to reach their greatest potential in anything they do. She looks forward to spending her days with all the Pickleheadz this summer!

Coach cameron

Camp Counselor

Coach Cameron is a first-year student at the University of Guelph-Humber. He is very excited to come back to Pickleheadz for his third year. Cameron is passionate about photography, videography and post-production. As a child he had some wonderful camp experiences and wants to pass on that excitement to everyone at Pickleheadz! Cameron’s love for working with kids and his contagiously fun personality make him a great addition to the Pickleheadz team!!

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Coach Ciaran

Camp Counselor

Coach Ciaran is a student of Wilfred Laurier University where he is studying business and computer science. He loves working at Pickleheadz, as shown by the numerous summers he has spent working at the camp. Ciaran's hobbies include basketball, baseball, programming, and competing at high level Pokemon tournaments, where he is a former national champion. Ciaran's positive energy and devotion to creating a fun experience for each camper makes him a great member of the Pickleheadz Team!

Coach roxy

Camp Counselor

Coach Roxy is a high school student at Ursula Franklin Academy. She loves working with the camp as she is returning for a second year of work! She's loved being with the camp ever since she's volunteered a few summers ago. Roxy's passions are coding, science, playing sports and photography. She loves working with kids because seeing them smile and have fun brings her great joy. She loves to play sports such as basketball and capture the flag with the campers, but her favorite thing to do is teach everyone how to draw and make crafts, especially bracelets.

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